Solar Water Pumps & Off Grid Systems

Solar Well pumps

Solar water pumps & off grid systems for wells, irrigation and livestock

Our solar well pumps are a affordable and reliable way to pump water! Are you in a area that is too expensive to get electricity too? or are you looking for a green alternative to conventional electricity? If you answered yes then our solar well pumps or any other off grid water systems is right for you. Our water solar water pump systems that last for decades and are reliable! Furthermore, we offer two different unique solar well pumps:

DC water solar pumps
This off grid system is ideal for shallow wells that do not require alot of water, such as for livestock. For that matter, DC solar water pumps cost less, use less photovoltaric panels, but will require larger wire. For that matter they are not widely used due to their limitations.
AC solar water pumps
AC solar water pumps are more common because and have fewer limitations. For example, solar well pumps can be used in deep wells and allow you to get a higher water yeild. However, they can cost more as they need more solar panels. Additionally, these systems can be hooked directly to a generator, storing energy and allowing water to be pumped regardless of solar exposure.

Other off grid water  systems

Hand well pumps, windmills, rainwater storage and geothermal

Texan Water does not just install solar well pumps. We also specialize in many off grid water systems such as rainwater storage, hand well pumps, geothermal and windmills. Furthermore, we will work closely with you to ensure that your investment lasts and is exactly what you want. We provide excellent customer service, knowledgeable employees and great prices! Therefore, if you are interested in solar water pumps or hand well pumps, or other off grid water systems we will ensure you are happy with your investment.!

Hand well pumps
The best option for small remote places such as hunting cabins or a ranch are hand well pumps.  Hand well pumps need no power and only produce enough water that you can physically pump. Additionally, hand well pumps are coest option for cost-effective, reliable and do not require battery banks. Moreover they do not require electricity, photovoltarics, or repairs as they run solely on human power.

Texan Water - Hand well pumps, solar well pumps, off grid water systems, rainwater storage & all all types of solar water pumps and systems
Windmill pumps have gone a long way from what they were 50 years ago. They use modern equipment and design while maintaining a classic look. One great benefit of windmills is their reliability as they pump will pump day and night, even with a little wind. They are also one of the most cost-effective ways to pump water, that require virtually no maintenance. Additionally, they are great for livestock, filling up a pond or to use at the house.

Rainwater storage
Rainwater storage systems are a great for many reasons, such as sustainability, more water for low yielding wells and they provide a inexpensive method to collect fresh, clean water. For that matter, rainwater storage tanks are typically used to divert rainwater from a rooftop into a storage tank, where the water is filtered two times before reaching your tap. Also, our rainwater storage tanks can come in many different sized, materials and colors and they food grade, BPA and pathanthalte free and do not allow sunlight to reach the water. For more information check out our water storage page.

Texan Water- water solar pump systems and other off grid water systems such as geothermal, rainwater storage and hand water well pumps
There is no energy that is as clean or renewable as geothermal. Geothermal wells are excellent for long-term energy savings, and running extremely efficient. There are also up to 30% tax rebates in Texas for homeowners to install geothermal heating and cooling to their residence. For information on the rebates, visit here. For more information on Texan Waters geothermal well drilling, visit here or give us a call!