Water Storage Systems

Water Storage Systems

Water Well Solutions, Rain Water Storage Tanks & Well Water Storage Tanks

Do you have low water pressure from your well? Or is it low yield water well? Is there an unpleasant smell or color? Interested in rain water storage tanks? If you answered yes to any of these questions then a well water storage tank may be a great option for you. Texan Water specializes in many water well solutions to get you clean, fresh and dependable water from your well. Also, our water storage systems are affordable, easy to transport and install. Equally, our tanks can be installed & working in just a day.  Additionally, they can go above ground or underground, holding from 250 to 5000 gallons. For that matter, Texan Water will ensure that we have the right water storage tanks for your needs.

Interested in our water storage systems? - Great for new and old water wells!


Benefits of a well water storage tank

  • Provides Drinkable Water: Well water can have sulfates and iron in it. The sulfates give the rotten egg smell, while iron can cause red stains under the faucets. However, adding a well water storage tank can reduce both sulfates and iron.
  • Better Pressure: Improves pressure because the booster pump is closer to the faucet and it allows the pressure to be more consistent and stronger
  • Increases Pump Life: Without water storage systems, well pumps start more frequently, this is hard on the pump. For that matter, when you add a well water storage tank, it allows the pump to turn on less often and run longer, oftentimes doubling the lifespan of the down hole pump.
  • Backup System: Our tanks come with a back up that notifies the customer when the tank is half-full or if you have low yield water well.
  • Rain Water Storage Tanks:  Used with or without a well water storage tank or to supplement low yield water well.
  • Sediment Removal: Stores sediment from well water.

Cleaning & Disinfecting water well systems

Water storage systems need to be cleaned at least once a year.  If not, then it can lead to microbial growth, sediment and sludge buildup or even debris accumulation. Indeed, Texan Water is trained in cleaning all water storage systems, including rain water storage tanks so Call us today to schedule your water tank cleaning!

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Well Water Storage Tank Options

Materials : poly tanks (Poly Mart), corrugated galvanized steel tanks (Pinnacle), concrete or lined steel coated thanks with TCEQ approved coatings.

Location : buried or above ground

Size: 100, 125, 145, 150, 200, 250, 500, 600, 1000, 1500, 2500, 5000 or more gallons.


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