Water well drilling

If you are tired of city water bills & restrictions, or do you want to put in water on a new piece of land? Or be off grid? Then schedule your free water well drilling consultation!

Water well drilling

Residential water well & Commercial Water Well Drilling

Thinking of drilling a water well? A residential water well is a great option to provide drinkable water, personal irrigation or to use on a farm. At Texan Water we understand that a water well is an investment and an asset so we will ensure it will last for generations. We are committed to excellence and quality, whether it is commercial well drilling or residential water well drilling. For that reason we are dedicated to using the best materials and procedures to ensure your investment lasts. Additionally, we have over 20 years experience and a licensed master driller who will ensure you get a quality water well cost-effectively. We use air rotary drilling techniques and provide water well drilling service to Central Texas and the Hill Country. So, if you are thinking of drilling water well in Dripping Springs, Austin, Wimberley or surrounding areas, contact us! 

Different types of water wells

Texan Water is a full water well drilling service company. We do residential water well and commercial wells. Therefore if you are thinking of drilling a water well, check below for some common types..

Texan Water - Water well drilling service
Domestic water well drilling

Supply your house with clean water! A residential water well has many benefits such as eliminate city water bills, no water restrictions and it can be used off grid. Interestingly a residential water well in Central Texas & the Hill Country can vary in depth, some are just 75ft, while others can be over 1000ft. 

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Texan Water - Air rotary
Commercial water well drilling

Commercial water well drilling includes public water supply wells, small business wells or subdivisions in cities. These are often larger wells that need engineering and Texas commission of environmental quality (TCEQ) permitting. Texan Water has experience and knowledge in commercial water well drilling and development so we can ensure your project will be in the best hands!

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Texan Water- Water well drilling service doing air rotary drilling for drilling a water well
Industrial wells

Another water well drilling service we prove is industrial wells. These types of wells are for commercial usage such as mines, quarries, or lumbar yards. Similar to a residential water well in size, these wells that do not require TCEQ permitting but still may require engineering. 

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Texan Water - Drilling a water well
Environmental Wells

Another water well drilling service we provide are environmental wells. Specifically, these wells are used for ground water monitoring, water sampling or aquifer management or for data gathering to monitor aquifer water usage. Similar in size to a  residential water well.

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Texan Water - Commercial water well drilling & residential water well drilling
Agricultural wells

Agricultural or irrigation wells can be from the small scale for your lawn or garden to large wells for crops/farms. For that matter, irrigation wells can have higher a horsepower pump which can do several  hundreds or thousands of gallons of water per minute. Agricultural wells can be similar to commercial water well drilling in size, but not require TCEQ permitting. 

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Texan Water - Air rotary drilling - drilling a water well
Geothermal wells
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Geothermal water wells are great for long-term energy savings. Moreover, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has called ground source heat pumps the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective heating and cooling systems available. Additionally, these systems range from closed or open loop systems. Closed loop systems is when you drill a series of wells and pump to a desired location. Open loop drills 1 well and it pumps into another. Geothermal can be used for both a commercial or residential water well.

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Steps to determine an estimate for drilling a water well

Common types of air rotary drilling

Texan Water - Air rotary drilling - drilling a water well
Direct air flow rotary

Direct air flow rotary has compressed air injected though the center of the drill pipe. This air rotary method goes out the drill bit and brings the cuttings up the bore hole to the surface. If you are drilling a water well with this method, it is because you have medium hard types of rock like limestone. 

Direct air rotary down hole hammer

Direct air rotary down hole hammer is a similar process as direct air flow rotary, but it has a DTH (down hole hammer) attached to the bit. Additionally, we use air rotary drilling for hard rocks like granite. 

Texan Water - Air rotary drilling
Texan Water - Air rotary hammer drilling
Mud rotary drilling

Similar to air rotary drilling where the air goes out the drill pipe and up the bore hole. However, mud rotary drilling uses water and  drilling additives mixed to form drilling mud. For that matter, it is best used for unconsolidated rock formations and drilling through sand and gravel