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If you want fast, responsive, reliable and cost-effective water pump service & water well repair contact us! Texan Water specializes in providing service and installation for all water well issues, pumps and wells. Also, we understand that water is a necessity and water wells tend to have issues at the worst of times, therefore we offer 24 hour emergency water pump service and well pump repair. Moreover, we have over 20 years of experience and a licensed master pump installer to ensure knowledgeable water well repair in less time. Our educated and experienced technicians are standing by ready to help you with your water well repair and water well pump service. In addition, Texan Water has 4 locations in Central Texas & the Hill country; Marble Falls, Dripping Springs, Spring Branch & Lampasas. We also carry all major pump brands from ½ horse pumps to large, commercial 15 horsepower pumps. Also, water pump service.

What can we fix?

What can we fix?

  •  All water pumps such as single phase or three phase submersible pumps, line-shaft turbine pumps or can pumps.
  • Multi-pump and constant pressure systems (VFD drives)
  • Fix gear drives 
  • Electric motors
  • Installing or repairing pressure tanks
  • Installing new water storage tanks or rainwater collection systems. 
  • Booster pumps
  • Fixing or replacing control boxes
  • Pressure switches
  • Water well pump service and water well repair
  • Inspections
  • Float switches 
  • Offer suggestions for low yielding well
  • Water sampling, chlorination and analysis.
Texan Water -Well pump repair, we fill all water well issues. Water well pump service in Central Texas
Water pump service
We diagnose and fix all water well issues. This includes low water pressure, no water pressure,  water system noises or any water well pump service. Most often, problems in your well occur with the pumping equipment. If that equipment isn’t working, you probably don’t have water – but we can fix that. 
Texan Water - Goulds water technology
Submersible pumps
Texan Water is experienced in water pump repair,  installation for both conventional single phase and variable speed three phase submersible pumps. A submersible pump is down-hole in the well and is submerged under water. Additionally, these pumps push well water to the surface. Common submersible pump brands we use are Goulds & Redjacket.
Texan Water - Goulds water technology submersible pumps
Booster pumps
A water well booster pump is commonly used with water storage tanks. It is used to boost water well pressure and to provide the storage tank with water.Therefore, if you wish to improve your water well pressure, then a booster pump would be a great option. Also, booster pumps are above ground and you can usually see them near your well.


However, for this reason, they are subject to freezing and breaking. So, Texan Water also does booster well pump repair and water pump service. But if you wish to protect your booster pump, please check out our cold weather well solutions.


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Texan Water - Well drilling well service - Marble Falls, TX
Emergency water well repair
Too often, water well issues occur when you need the water the most. Luckily, we provide fast, reliable and professional 24 hour emergency water well pump service. From a small pressure switch, to a whole new water well system, someone will always be available.
Texan Water - Offering water pump service and water well repair - if you have water issues, contact Texan Water
Common water well issues
If your well water shows colors, unpleasant odors, or debris, then it would be a good idea to get your well checked. 


Also, if you are a new property owner with an existing well on the property and you do not know the history and quality of the well, we can help! For that reason, we offer mineral testings, well water purification, do potable water flow tests or repair a pipe to eliminate debris. Also, we offer sales and service on water softeners, iron filtration, reverse osmosis(RO) systems, sediment filters, PH filters and UV systems. 


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Texan Water - Water pump service - We fix all water well issues - Call now!
Well maintenance plans
Oftentimes, water wells can have a small repair that can go unnoticed, which cause larger more expensive water well issues. For example, a pressure tank with low pressure can still run, but can eventually affect the submersible pump.


Also, there are many possible contaminants that can affect your water quality and even harm people drinking it. If you would like routine well maintenance to reduce the chances of any well pump repair, water well pump service or contaminated water, we are here to help!


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Quality Products that Last

Texan Water carries and distributes the best products and parts from the largest manufacturers.  Additionally, with our favorite manufacturer, Goulds Water Technology, we are a registered as a Goulds Water Technology Professional Dealers Association (GDPA) which means we get the best prices and warranties, that we can pass on to our customers. Also, we stand behind our products, that is why they all have warranties on our products from 1-20 years.

Texan water- uses the best pressure tanks with the longest warranties
Texan Water - Goulds Water Technology pumps

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